Monstroid Revolutionary Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

I have to say that with all the promos and brouhaha prior to the release of this theme, anticipation of this event increased as the release date drew closer and closer. Now that I’m in possession of it, I can compare it to my experience of watching Furious Seven! At the edge of my seat, heart pumping furiously and palms sweating, I didn’t want it to end! I got the same feelings from this Monstroid Revolutionary Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme, and I suspect the raves will continue long after its release. As a warning, there is no way that just this one blog post can do this theme any justice. However, I will still attempt to capture as much as possible, yet keeping it short and sweet.

Let me start with the installation of this theme. One of my pet peeves about any template installation, including some from the company behind this theme, is that you follow the instructions to the letter, then when you look at the result, you start scratching your head wondering where did I go wrong? What step did I miss? My site doesn’t look anything like the demo! However, this is not the case with this theme. I should’ve realized that after the Launch of the Cherry Framework 4.0 and the installation of its Free Theme, that installing Monstroid would be a breeze! Directly after you purchase the theme, you’ll receive the Monstroid Wizard zip file and a licence key. Install the Wizard as you would any other plugin. Upon activation of the Wizard, you’ll the be asked to enter the licence key. The next steps are nothing but intuitive. The Wizard installs the framework and all the necessary plugins. All the theme files are downloaded from the cloud. It also installs the demo content – optional – so that your theme will look exactly like the demo. The theme’s functionality is integrated into its plugins, 20+, which makes Monstroid so flexible and robust. Simply deactivate a plugin if you’re not planning on using Monstroid to its full potential. Activate them again when needed. The Wizard installs each of these plugins for you. We’ll talk about these plugins later.

the frontend

Naturally, after installing any theme, I go directly to the frontend to view theme and to make sure it looks just like the demo. To my delight, everything was in place. No hiccups during installation, no mis-aligned text or graphics, perfecto! Now it’s time to browse around!

Starting with the Menu items, the Home tab reveals 7 different Home Page options, in fact, all the menu tabs reveal a whole slew of options. Of course you won’t need them all, just choose the one you need when you’re building your web resource. Just goes to show you the versatility of this theme. As mentioned, the Home tab displays 7 different options: Home Business, Home One Page, Home Parallax, Home Landing, Home Video, Home Blog and Home Personal. The creativeness in me is just getting started!

There are actually seven menu tabs but for sake of time and space (page space), I wont go into all of them here, exception for the Portfolio, Blog & Shop menus. I like the Portfolio Menu for the 3 sub-menu options – Masonry, Grid and Justified styles. Each of these three are further sub-divided into 3 more menu options. As I said before, I really can’t do this theme much justice by writing about it… you have to experience it! The Blog menu has several layouts as well, seven to be exact – the number 7 seems to have a lot to do with this theme!

The menu item I’m most intrigued with however, it the Shop menu item. You see, I’ve always wanted the option of a store on my website. There’s always something to sell. Too much junk around the house I guess. With WooCommerce integration, Monstroid can easily become an online store in a matter in minutes… and get this! All Child Themes are good to go with WooCommerce! Monstroid comes with all possible ecommerce page types: Products pages, Product List, Checkout pages… everything you could ever want to start selling online in a flash.

the backend

Now that I’m comfortable with the Front end, I can go to the Backend to see exactly what steers this Monstroid. On the Admin Panel, I see items such as Charts, Slides List, MotoPress Editor and MotoPress Slider. All others are common to a Cherry WordPress theme. Of course the theme is WooCommerce ready, so items like WooCommerce and Products are there as well. But I want to delve in further, so I click on Pages and I’m greeted with four pages of uh… pages! Monstroid comes with a pack of 145 pre-designed pages! Now a WordPress site with lots a pages is not uncommon, but when the theme itself comes out of the box with 145 pre-designed pages, then you know you’re in for something special. Not going to get into the details of all these pages either, suffice to say that my imagination is now somewhere close to the twilight zone!

Next up… Plugins. Monstroid is supplied with a pack of twenty-three (23) plugins, all free of charge. Listed below are some of those that stand out for me. Obviously, they are all important to the functionality of the theme, otherwise they would not there in the first place:

  • Built-in Premium MotoPress Editor
  • This plugin allows users to build any website or page visually with its Drag & Drop feature without touching a single line of code.

  • MotoPress Slider
  • This plugin allows you to build any kind of slider or gallery and add it to any page.

  • Cherry Data Manager
  • A much welcome feature for me as this plugin helps you export/import website data, which can be extremely useful, especially if you are moving your site from one hosting provider to another.

  • Monstroid Wizard
  • Mentioned at the top of this post, and plays an integral part in the installation of the theme.

  • Cherry Plugin Manager
  • Allows you to manage all the plugins with just a few clicks. You can upload/activate/delete all Monstroid plugins from a single interface.

  • Cherry Social
  • Promote your business to a wider audience by integrating your site with social networks. This plugin provides social login & registration, share & like buttons, follow icons, and commenting option.

  • Cherry Blog Layouts
  • Change the layout of your blog. No coding skills necessary. Add or remove sidebars, change position of posts, etc. all with the help of your mouse.

  • Monstroid Skin Switcher
  • Monstroid is supplied with three skins: Flat, Dark & Minimal. This plugin allows you to change the skins of the site with ease. 5 more skins will be added later to the collection.

  • Mail Chimp
  • With this plugin, you can add various sign-up forms and checkboxes to your site.

  • Cherry Shortcodes
  • Included are well over 100 ready-made shortcodes and a number of assorted shortcode variations.

That’s the short list.

child themes

Noteworthy: 15 fresh child Themes will be provided each month. These themes can be also used for building a website. Thinking about a redesign? Adapting a ready-made Child Theme to any project was just made simpler. You’ll get a single site license when you purchase this Monstroid Revolutionary Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme, but you can get an additional +4 or +9 licenses that allow you to use this theme on 5 and 10 sites respectively.

There are just too many other goodies to mention here. Feel free to submit your comments below and I would be happy to respond with more goodies.

One last thing, and this is another pet peeve of mine, Customer support!

If nothing else, customer support plays an important role in any product I purchase. Support techs must be knowledgeable and service should be prompt! After purchasing Monstroid, you also get a free lifetime support. You have two options: 1)Online Chat – which is available from the WordPress admin panel (very intuitive). By using this, you can ask any question and receive an answer in real time. 2)Send an email to the support team, but with Online chat, support is within 2-4 hours. Where else can you find this kind of support??? Free Lifetime updates are also included.

That was my first take, now I’m going to dig deeper into the Monstroid and take customization to the Outer Limits! I suggest you do the same and get this theme real quick.

don’t be afraid of the monstroid!!!

Monstroid Revolutionary Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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