Should my website be mobile-friendly?

Should my website be mobile-friendly? Well, if you want your website’s ranking to increase, it should be! And here’s the reason: beginning April 21st, Google will rank mobile-friendly sites much higher. This is a new rule, a requirement by the search engine giant to ensure the very best experience for mobile device users. Google’s aim is for mobile users to enjoy their browsing experience the same as desktop users by taking into account certain criteria as detected by Googlebot. Find out more about the mobile-friendly criteria. (Google Webmaster Blog)

Instead of providing you with a long list of steps on how to convert your website to a mobile-friendly one, let’s give you the simple solution: Get a responsive design website to become Google-friendly and earn a higher ranking on the SERP. Responsive Design allows for automatic adaptation of your website’s interface to the screen of any device, from high-res desktops to smartphones with narrower viewports. This is why responsive web design is recommended by Google and why it is so important.

To make your choice that much easier, we’ve compiled a list of popular responsive design themes for your viewing pleasure:

Xroadz WordPress Theme

Xroadz WordPress Template

Globy Business Joomla Theme

Globy Business Joomla Template

Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Travel Agency WordPress Template

Design Studio Joomla Theme

Design Studio Wegy Joomla

Fashion Point Drupal Theme

Drupal Fashion Point

Mobile Store OpenCart Template

Mobile Store OpenCart Template

Medical Equipment Magento Template

Magento Medical

Test your site’s mobile-friendliness.
More Responsive Templates

Go Responsive and your web resource will score higher rankings resulting in more traffic. As always, your feedback, critical or complimentary, is appreciated.

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