Pintex An Exclusive New Generation Joomla Template

A ‘New Generation’ Joomla Template has been released from our developers. Welcome to Pintex An Exclusive New Generation Joomla Template. This initiative is meant to expand the functional potential of our Joomla Templates which will bring user experience to an advanced level. Follow this link to See A Live Demo of this template in action.

It’s important to mention that this New Generation template is responsive, compatible with modern browsers and SEO-friendly, a trinity that is a must have for every modern template. Things responsible for templates to properly work in different environments are unlikely to go out of fashion, won’t you agree? Now let’s focus on the novelties.


First of all, Pintex templates come with 9 functional pages presented below.

1. Pricing Page


This page is designed to represent the pricing policy of your company in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. With pricing tables arranged in several columns, people can compare costs of your services, which will largely facilitate their decision-making process.

2. FAQ Page


The FAQ page allows to build a comprehensive knowledgebase with answers to customers’ most frequent questions. Entering this page, new visitors will quickly find the most important information about your company, products, and services. Moreover, you will be able to decrease the number of repetitive inquiries, which will save a lot of your time.

3. Our Team Page


The template also has an individual page intended for customers to learn more about your company’s team. On this page, you can display employees’ photos, mention their positions and provide direct links to their profiles in social networks.

4. History Page


Here, you can impress your website visitors with the way your company revolutionized since its launch. Scrolling through a vertical timeline, they will see all the major achievements you’ve made over the entire period of your work.

5. Testimonials Page


Demonstrate the feedback of your loyal customers on the testimonials page. Thus, your company’s online image will seem more trustworthy to potential clients. It can improve their motivation to close a deal with you and, therefore, increase your conversion rates.

6. Site Map Page


A site map is meant to show the structure of your site, thus providing an enjoyable browsing experience for visitors. With its help, they will be able to find any page they need in no time and won’t get lost in the heaps of your content. The site map also makes it easier for search engines to index web pages.

7. Forum Page


Built with the Kunena module, a forum will let your customers exchange possible solutions to their problems. In such a way, you will create your own online community and stimulate its members to visit your site more often. Discussing various issues, they will also generate a lot of free content rich in keywords that will attract search engines to your web resource.

8. Careers Page


Enhance your recruiting strategy with the careers page. It contains not only job offers, but also a contact form for prompting candidates to submit their applications. Due to the flexibility of TM Ajax Contact Form, the data can be sent without page reloading. The module also ensures protection against bots by means of reCaptcha.

9. Portfolio Page


Give an instant access to all of your works in one place by means of an individual page for your portfolio. Its filterable essence will enable your site visitors to sort your projects by name, date and popularity, which will help them a desired one more quickly.

Other Pages

Pintex also features a number of other pages that can be found in our other Joomla templates. Take a look:

About Page


Provide a thorough insight into your corporate identity with this effective about page. Its layout is designed in a way that will let you introduce your team, display your services in a progress bar, brag about your fresh ideas and show your contact info.



Create a blog with useful content to prove yourself as an authoritative figure in your business field. Sharing an expert opinion in your posts, you will make potential customers more inclined to rely on your company in solving their issues. Blogging can also boost SEO rankings of your site and, therefore, enhance your company’s visibility online.

Contacts Page


Gather all the contact details in one place, namely address of your company, email, phone and fax numbers. This page is pre-built with a contact form to help clients get in touch with you easier and Googlemap plugin to show them your location. For more convenience, the map is adapted to the full-screen width.


Apart from functional pages, Pintext is packed with lots of powerful modules that can expand your possibilities. Read on to figure out what they can be used for.

Articles Newsflash


This new generation Joomla template features an advanced version of the Articles Newsflash module offering a wide range of configuration options. It will let you to show articles in multiple columns and compliment each one with a custom link, pretext, publication date, author, and intro image.



Use this module to create a stunning gallery of your project images. JoomGallery has lots of useful features, with some of them listed below:

  • full-screen animated JavaScript boxes;
  • voting, commenting, external linking, adding nametags, etc.;
  • configurable watermarks;
  • Exif & IPTC image data;
  • image uploads by users;
  • Cooliris support for an impeccable mobile experience;
  • Google Map support to add geographical identification metadata;
  • backend & frontend upload options (Single, Batch, Java, FTP uploads);
  • breadcrumbs;
  • search function;
  • unlimited nested categories.

Image Swoop


This highly customisable module allows for creation of a spectacular slideshow with captions and transition effects. The Image Swoop slider is responsive and compatible with all the modern browsers, which means it will function flawlessly in any web environment.


An image carousel module designated to unify multiple items into a compact area. With the help of CarouFredSel, you can represent them in an organized, easy-to-navigate way, keeping your website layout cleaner.



Komento is a lightweight Joomla extension that enables visitors to add comments to your posts and assign ratings to them. This full-featured system also makes it a breeze for you to manage all the comments left on your site.

TM Olark

Embed an online chat option into your site via the TM Olark module. With its aid, people will be able to communicate with you in real time, and there’ll be no need to wait for your reply letter or contact you by telephone.


Improve the outcomes of your email marketing strategy with Acymailing. This Joomla component comes with many useful features. Look through some of them:

  • creation of subscribers, mailing lists, newsletters;
  • automatic subscription of registered visitors to your mailing lists;
  • subscription of unregistered visitors;
  • newsletter template management;
  • article integration in newsletters;
  • statistics of opened letters;
  • user notifications.

Joomla Cookie Directive Plugin

This tool will let you display a banner with a notification that cookies are used on your website. Make use of Joomla Cookie Directive Plugin to show your audience that you care about their privacy on the Internet.

TM Addthis


As social media is considered to be a rich source of traffic, this template has been equipped with TM Addthis. It will provide your site with sharing buttons such as Tweet, Like, Pin It, etc. so that people could share your content in their social media profiles.

Social Media Modules

In addition to sharing buttons, this template has a number of modules allowing your audience to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and in other popular networks. The template gives access to the following modules:

  • SW Facebook Display to show “Facebook Like Box,”
  • SW Pinterest Display to show “Pinterest Board Widget,”
  • SW Twitter Display to show “Twitter Widget,”
  • TM Instagram to show “Instagram Widget.”

Joomla Social Login


Thanks to Joomla Social Login, users of social networks will be able to sign in to your web resource using their social accounts. Thus, they won’t have to create accounts specifically for your site, which will facilitate the process of their authorization dramatically.


As you can see, Pintext is equipped with various modules that will be helpful for a wide range of reasons, but that’s not all. Look through more features of this top-notch Joomla template.



Enrich your website with various elements embedded into this template. They include heading tags, lists, block quotes, tabs, accordions & toggles, pricing tables, progress bars, counters.

Lazy Load

This effect impedes loading of elements that remain out of visitors’ sight until they scroll the page down to see them. If you implement this technique on your site, its pages will load much faster.

Mega Menu


The template is supplied with a mega menu containing not only website categories, but also a list of offerings, about info, price packages, and even a call-to-action button. It will enable you to facilitate your website navigation, and its dropdown essence will keep the layout clean and uncluttered.

Back-To-Top Button


Similar to the dropdown menu, a back-to-top button also makes it much easier to navigate a website. Reaching the middle or bottom of the layout, visitors can click on this UI element, and it will bring them back to the header in an instant, with no scrolling at all.

Logo Upload


This option will come in handy for branding your online resource with your corporate identity. You can upload a logo to your site and set its width in compliance with the rest of the design.

So there you go!. Pintext is truly a perfect solution to both functionality and visual aesthetics of your Joomla-powered site. Give a try to this new generation Joomla template, and your company’s web presence will have no match. Feel free to share your impression about Pintext with us and propose what else can be done to attain perfection. Your feedback is always welcome!

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