One-Page Drupal Solution The Right Fit?

Do visitors get lost on your website? Is a one-page Drupal solution the right fit for your business? To better understand how a one-page website works, firstly a well-designed, one-page site allows for a smoother browsing experience for your visitors. A visitor can easly get lost in your content by clicking from page to page on a poorly designed website. A one-page site all but eliminates that possibility by displaying all of your site’s content simply by scrolling from top to bottom.

Other benefits of a one-page solution are: It’s easy to maintain, it’s lightweight so it loads faster, search engines index only one page rather than a bunch of them, thus giving your site a boost in rankings.

Here are some outstanding features included in our latest Drupal 7 One-Page designs:

  • Scroll-To-Top Button
  • Anchor Navigation
  • SEO-Friendly Code
  • Responsive and Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Responsive Slideshows
  • Sticky Dropdown Menu
  • Lazy Load
  • Mosaic Gallery
  • Lightbox Image Display
  • Forum
  • Video & Social Media Integration
  • Google Map

To see these Drupal 7 One-Page themes in action, click on the images below… and don’t forget, a blog is not a blog unless there are comments. Your feed back will always be welcomed.

Other Drupal Templates

4 Responses

  1. The question is pertaining to all one page websites.. isn't it preferable for SEO to have more pages and thus more "titles" etc.?
    • Hi Paula, With this one-page solution we're addressing the fact that all of your website's content is displayed on a single page, making it easier, quicker to index by search engines. Also because a one-page option is so light-weight, it will load much faster than multi-page alternatives.
      • > because a one-page option is so light-weight, it will load much faster than multi-page alternatives. That seems very counterintuitive. One of the key goals when designing a fast-loading page is to reduce the amount of content and other assets on the page. When you combine content and assets from multiple pages onto a single page, you are inevitably going to increase the total download size, not decrease it.
        • HI Klokie, It's important to understand that we're not recommending that one should convert his multi-page site to a one-page site. However, if its a good fit for your business, then by all means, go for it! One-Page sites have been the trend for almost a year now. Check out what Google's Matt Cutts has to say about SEO & One page sites - There are numerous one-page sites that rank well in search engines but if you rely heavily on SEO in your marketing efforts we would not recommend using a one-page site for your projects. Switching from a multi-page site to a one-page site is definitely not a good move from an SEO perspective.